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Chairman, CEO & Director

Mr. Reynolds incubates, advises on and raises capital for high-growth companies in several sectors, namely technology and special situations. Over the last decade, Mr. Reynolds has built and assisted high-growth companies with their capital markets strategies. He has assisted in all aspects of a company’s growth profile from seed capital through to merger-and-acquisition transactions, including comprehensive investor relations services, raising more than $300-million of equity for more than 30 different companies. Mr. Reynolds currently sits on the board of directors for several public and private companies. In 2012 he co-founded LX Ventures (TSXV: LXV), a company that was uniquely positioned to allow investors of all sizes to gain exposure to the high growth technology startup sector.

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Driver brings extensive financial experience to the company as a chartered accountant. He was a founding partner in the firm of Driver Anderson since its inception in 1981, and he is currently a partner with Davidson and Company LLP after merging with that firm in 2002. While providing general public accounting services to a wide range of clients, Mr. Driver specializes in servicing TSX Venture Exchange-listed companies, including both preparing and auditing financial statements. Mr. Driver currently serves as a director and/or chief financial officer of several TSX-V companies, and he has an understanding of accounting principles, including the context of estimates, accruals and reserves, and has regularly reviewed internal controls and procedures for financial reporting.

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for Mezzi’s technology development and integration, Robbie Trudeau is well immersed in the latest technology advances and innovations. Mr. Trudeau is a hardware and software specialist with significant expertise in user interface design and web technologies. Over the past several years, Mr. Trudeau has been a widely sought after tech advisor and helped oversee application development for technology startups in Vancouver, Canada and the San Francisco Bay area. Mr. Trudeau is a location and proximity technology expert and is an advocate of wearable technology applications.

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